These 15 Facts May Sound Like Bullshit But Are 100% True!


Well, sometimes we come across facts that we feel like are too good to true. But trust me these are absolutely true. And the most surprising thing about these facts is that we never really gave a thought about it. So, check these mind-blowing facts and get mind fucked!

You may think you know for a fact that these aren’t true. But they really really are true!

1. The Flamingo fact.

Have you ever thought why are flamingos pink in color? Well, I have, and now I finally know. These birdies are pink in color because of the food that they eat. Yeah, that’s that.



2. The Panda fact.

Okay, so, the majority of us are in absolute awe of these cute little (not so little!) guys. But, did you know this that they defecate at least 50 times a day!


3. The Rabbit fact.

Well, well, this will definitely sound like bullshit, but seriously trust me when I say this, carrots and bad for rabbits. Yeah, somebody needs to make changes in those children’s book.


4. The Manatees fact.

We all wish to be able to swim underwater by applying the least bit of effort. But, the manatees are probably the cleverest and grossest ones underwater. They fart constantly to keep their buoyancy.


5. The bacteria fact.

All you germophobes, you probably should skip over this one. Well, there are probably billions (okay, maybe, millions) of cells n our body. But our body has 10 times more bacteria than the cells.


6. The Oscars fact.

I am definitely loving this one! The Suicide Squad won more awards at the Oscars than the Shaw Shank Redemption.


7. The Continental fact.

Which is the largest country in the world? Yeah, I know, that you know the answer. But would you believe me if I tell you that the population of Bangladesh is more than the population of this world? Yeah, I know.


8. The pineapple fact.

I am a huge pineapple fan but it really aches my heart to know that it takes up to two years to grow.


9. The Crazy planet fact.

Well, this one may seem like really fake. But it is true to its core, at its peak, the British Empire was larger than Pluto!


10. The Mammoth fact.

The woolly mammoths were still around when the pyramids were being built. So, now you know that they weren’t always stuck in the ice age.


11. The Not so Ancient fact.

Well, this may come as a shock to you, but it is really 100% true. Cleopatra lived a lot closer to the invention of iPhone than she was when the pyramids were being built.


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