12 Facts About The Weasley Twins Which You Might Have Missed!


7. The Non-Perfects’

Confused? Yeah… They are the only Weasleys who didn’t become the Perfect at the school! Remember when Molly greets Ron saying, “Ron, a Perfect! That makes everyone in the family!” And, we hear the twins saying this!

Fred and George Weasley


8. Business morals…high up!

The only person who could get free stuff in the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was Harry Potter! This was because Harry gave them the initial investment from the money he got from Triwizard tournament…

Fred and George Weasleyvia

9. Peeves honored them!

The Poltergeist, Peeves never took order from any student any time ever. However, he made an exception only for the Weasley twins! “Give her hell from us Peeves!”- which was obeyed word to word…

Fred and George Weasleyvia 


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