14 Famous Celebrities Who Gave Their Kid Up For Adoption.


5.Clark Gable
Gable’s girlfriend became pregnant with his child but left the kid in the orphanage. His girlfriend went back there and adopted the kid but Clark never!

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoption


6.Linda Lovelace
Linda was an adult film star who played the role of Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace and got pregnant when she was 19 years old. She gave birth to a boy who was forced to give away for adoption by Lovelace’s mother. She was never united with her son.

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoptionvia

7.Rod Stewart
He was just 17 years old when he realized that his girlfriend became pregnant and they decided to give up their kid Sarah Streeter for adoption. Stewart said that since Streeter’s adoptive parents died he’s been trying to build a relationship with her and admitted, “I never felt like I was her dad because I didn’t take her to school, change her nappies, there was no paternal thing there, but I’m trying.”

Famous Celebrities Gave Their Kid Up Adoptionvia


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