14 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Your Favorite Movies That You Don’t Wanna Miss!


9. Finding Dory.

behind the scenes from your favorite movies


If you thought that Finding Nemo couldn’t get better, it did. Finding Dory, is one the all time favorite movies that one should definitely see. Theory of relativity doesn’t quite understand the filmmakers, and hence the sequel plot which is set just six months after “Finding Nemo” but we all know that it’s been a decade. So, the voice behind Nemo is not the as young kid as we remember him to be, he’s 22 now. Yep, and the directors had to find another voice for Nemo. And we were not disappointed!

10. Independence Day: Resurgence.

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So, the sequel has quite the interesting turning points off screen as well. An Independence Day was actually feedlot and paid for the original sequel. But being a perfection freak as Dean Devil is, he didn’t like the sequel and returned the payment, and wrote a new sequel.

Another interesting behind the scenes fact from the movie is actor Jeff Goldblum is quite the “life of the party” off screen. He not only sings to his castmates and asks them to accompany him with harmonies, but also gives out plays for the cast to perform in between takes. In short, he knows how to keep himself entertained at work!

11. Star Trek Beyond.

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After Star Wars, Star Trek is one of the favorite movies of the 90’s kid, Um, no wait. Nevermind, taking you behind the scenes, it was rumored that the Star Trek 3 included the onscreen reunion of the original Kirk and Spock, but that didn’t happen. Wanna hear another one? Each one of the villains in the rebooted series is now a Marvel Hero! Isn’t surprising it?

12. Doctor Strange.

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Behind the scenes of Doctor Strange is quite strange indeed. The villain in the movie, Mads Mikkelson is the third man who plays a version of Hannibal Lector before the Marvel movie. The magical visual effects were indeed a Disney’s Creation!


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