14 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Your Favorite Movies That You Don’t Wanna Miss!


13. Fantastic Beasts.

behind the scenes from your favorite movies


Some memories are hard to let go, and some promises are meant to be broken. So, when JK Rowling said that she’d been done with Harry Potter, we were secretly hoping that she didn’t mean it. And thanks to the President of the studio that took her to lunch one afternoon, we got to see magic on screen once again. Though there has been no major overlap between Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, but we get to see the Hogwart’s Castle once again! (Thanks to the Easter Egg!)

14. Rogue One.

behind the scenes from your favorite moviesvia

Well, Well, we finally get to see what Mon Mothma looked like when she was young. And we know that she looked pretty good!

Since the movie is set as the prequel, fans get to see the old costumes once again! All the scenes played by the original Mon Mothma were simply cut during filming.


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