Find Out Why You Drool At Night And How Can You Stop It!


Sleeping is by far the most peaceful thing that we do on an entire day. After the day’s hard work all we need is a good night’s sleep. But, what if you wake after a sound sleep only to find out that you made a mess on your pillow while sleeping? Yes, I am indeed talking about the drool that has probably left a stain on your pillow cover.

This is the reason why you drool at night and here’s how you can stop it!


Drooling is a phenomenon when an excess of saliva accumulates in the mouth and comes out while we are sleeping. While there is nothing uncommon while a little drooling, it becomes a concern when a person drools excessively.


Drooling occurs due to the relaxation of the facial muscles while we’re asleep which leads to accumulation of saliva in the mouth and escapes out from a partially open mouth. But, when the drooling becomes excess and happens almost every time when you sleep you should consider getting yourself checked.

It may occur due to nasal blockage or due to neurological problems. It may also occur if a person has had a stroke previously.

How can you stop drooling?

Well, there are certain methods which will help you to stop drool on your pillow and here they are.

1. Clear your sinuses.


One of the main reasons why a person drool is nose blockage. A person who has a blocked nose is more prone to drooling since we tend to breathe from our mouth which gives a way for the saliva to come out.

2. Check for sleep apnea.


A major disorder in which a person’s sleep cycle gets disturbed and he wakes up in the middle of the night many times which leads to tiredness in the morning. Drooling and snoring are the two main symptoms.

3. Change your sleeping posture.


If you think that you’re drooling only when sleeping in a certain position, change it. Sleeping on your back is more recommendable than sleeping on your side.

4. Lose your weight.


Obese people are more prone to sleep apnea than normal weighted people. So, lose those extra pounds.

5. Consult a doctor for the right medication.


Some medicines cause hypersalivation which results in drooling at night.

6. Consider getting surgery.


This is definitely the last resort when nothing works out. In cases of serious neurological disorders, the doctors suggest surgery in case the medications don’t work.

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