12 First Impression Mistakes You Must Avoid To Influence People


It takes less than 110 milliseconds to make a first impression. In order to avoid any mistakes that may cause a bad first impression, it is necessary to follow certain pre-requisites. We, on the basis of the first impression, instantly judge whether we like someone or not. And so, you must avoid all kinda mistakes at this time.

Here are 12 First Impression Mistakes you must avoid to impress people.

1. Be Punctual

When you are meeting someone new, always try to be on time. Being delinquent not only disinterests the person you are going to meet but also portrays your lack of responsibility.

first impression

2. Be Well-Dressed

You must keep the occasion on which you are meeting the person in your mind and dress accordingly. The clothes that you have on should in no way display your shabbiness.

first impression

3. Do not engulf your head into your mobile phone

Using your cellphone while you are in a one to one conversation with a person can be pretty annoying. If you are meeting someone for the very first time, you must ensure that you are not constantly engrossed in your phone.

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4. No foul language

However used to you are to swearing, you must avoid doing that.


5. Do not complain

If you got stuck in a traffic for a long time before meeting a person, you must keep it to yourself. You should not keep bragging about the difficulties you have faced while reaching the destination.

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