Food Containers You’ve Been Using Wrong All Your Life


With how advanced we are these days, almost everything we come into contact with has a very specific and efficient use. Food containers are some of those well-thought out inventions that we use in our daily lives, but while you think you might be getting the most out of your food containers rather you might actually be using wrong. Snack smarter with these brilliant also hidden uses for everyday food packaging.

Here are the food containers you’ve been using wrong, this is how you need to use them.

1. Ketchup Cups: Fan Out

Food containers


Those frustratingly small paper cups are designed to be fanned to better accommodate your food.

2. Chinese Takeout Boxes: Unfold

Food containersVia

Chinese takeout boxes are meant to unfold into a plate for easier chowing down. Consequently, no more greasy hands from digging into the box. You sure had been using wrong.

3. Soda Can: Tab Holds Straw

Food containersVia

You’ve been using wrong all this while! It keeps your straw stable, so you no longer need to do that straw-chasing mouth thing when you’re looking at something else. 


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