16 Funniest And Hilarious Tweets That Ended Unexpectedly


Twitter is full of with funny and hilarious tweets. Many of these funny Twitterati deserve the comic gold award as they are way better than comedians we pay for to watch. Their hilarious tweets give us a little moment of happiness in our all so busy and boring life. Well, who doesn’t like laughing? All we lack is a moment of a laugh. These Twitterati will win your heart and make you roll.

Many of you might already follow them, Here look at some of the few best-selected hilarious tweets which ended unexpectedly and are the total pun.


1- When did being an instructor became so very tough ?

funny and hilarious tweets

2- They might even need a therapy session post that



3- hahaha I am the master of them all. Chuck with me and you’ll be slayed

funny and hilarious tweets


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