22 Epic Sarcastically Funniest Responses To People When They Don’t Text Back!


Texting is fun, right? But the fun part is sucked right out when you’re left waiting for a response that has even fewer chances of coming than you becoming the President of America, pretty slim, eh? We lose our cool; we want to reach through the phone and strangle the other person if that were possible but we can’t so we respond in our fashion that we hope them with the speed of lightning.

So here are 22 funniest responses from people who did not take well to their ignored texts:

  1. If it takes that long to reply back, the essay better be worth reading

Funniest responses


  1. Yeah, too fast, they are zooming the past so fast that I can’t see them



3. You forced me to let my inner Joey out

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  1. Yeah, no worries, gonna keep texting myself. So not giving up

Funniest responses



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