24 Super Funny Drunk Mom Texts. She Can Really Get Crazy


It’s the age of smartphones. We have all gotten that one call or few texts from our Mum at 3 in the morning asking how we were. The bad dream she had. A guy/girl whom she met & would be perfect for you. Drunk mums are a different case altogether. Some are cool, some are confused and some are savage af. One thing is sure. They’re all funny.

Here is a list of such mamma bears reaching out to their children. Mom Got drunk and texts what?

1.  Nice try Mum!

You know where you get that “excuse-making” super-power from when your mum texts you this.

Drunk Mom Texts


2. Aunt Mary was always!

When your mum also does not like a relative of yours.

Drunk Mom Texts


3. Scientist Mum!

Your mum’s innovative genes are all sparked up when she gets drunk.

Drunk Mom Textsvia

4. Very Subtle Mum!

You’ve got to love a mum who would not lie to you when texting. Drunk?

Drunk Mom Texts


5. What?!

Seriously, what ?! Drunk Moms and drunk texts , I tell you.

Drunk Mom Texts



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