31 Savage AF Memes That Are Brutally Hilarious Down The Line! #29 Is So Dope!


Memes are deemed funny obviously, but these savage AF memes, oh man! These brutally funny memes broke records for they are savage, savage AF memes they are. Don’t believe me? See for yourself

31 funny and savage AF memes that will make you say “WTF!!“

  1. When she kills you with her honestysavage AF memes

  2. Never has there been a pun more deadly

    funny memesVia
  3. The 8th book in the series

    savage AF memesVia
  4. This takes the cake in the list of savage AF memeVias

    savage AF memesVia
  5. This is how thieves are treated, beware

    savage AF memesVia


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