You Are A Genius If You Can Find Out What’s Unusual In These 12 Pictures.


There’s something very odd going on in all these pictures. And hats off to you genius people if you can find them within 5 minutes without cheating, because I couldn’t. So bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and be the first to find out the unusual.

Source: Meaww

1. genius unusual pictures


I don’t know whose genius idea was to put that little guy into the freezer. What’s more unusual is why has nobody noticed him yet.

genius unusual pictures

2. genius unusual pictures

When I found out, I was terrified for a moment. I have no idea whether that’s a girl or ghost. And if it’s a ghost why is she out in broad daylight?

genius unusual pictures
3. genius unusual pictures

Oh how attentively the dog is listening to the teacher! I guess that’s the reason why the teacher allowed him inside because everybody else thought the class was boring.

genius unusual pictures
4. genius unusual pictures

That one savage guy in every group. And he cares about nothing. Not even photographs.

genius unusual pictures
5. genius unusual pictures

No, you got it wrong. The middle flower is not the unusual thing we were supposed to find. It’s the cat sneaking from under the curtain.

genius unusual pictures
6. genius unusual pictures

What a timing! You don’t easily get to see such unusual pictures. You are not needed to be a genius to figure this out.

genius unusual pictures
7. genius unusual pictures

Is he the illegitimate child? Because there cannot be any other reason to cut him out like this from pictures. He must file a case against domestic violence, ofcourse if he has not photobombed the picture purposely.

genius unusual pictures
8. genius unusual pictures

There’s a whole lot of sneak peeks going on in these pictures. But this person is genius. If it hadn’t been for us, admit it you could have never found out.

genius unusual pictures
9. genius unusual pictures

Another pretty unusual picture. Zoom in at your own risk. It is upto you to decide what the figure is.

genius unusual pictures
10. genius unusual pictures

When your pets decide to photobomb your otherwise perfect pictures. She sure has to do a lot of cleaning after the dog takes his face out of the commode.

genius unusual pictures
11. genius unusual pictures

I know it was really difficult to decode this genius picture though it’s right in front of us. She has actually put her foot below her chin, not hand.

genius unusual pictures
12. genius unusual pictures

Once we point out the unusual in these pictures, you can’t not see them. Every time else you see them, the first thing you would notice will be the defects. Same is with this one. The third  in the row is a real girl and not a mannequin’s head.

genius unusual pictures


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