10 Simply Genius Shower Thoughts To Make You Go WOW!


Great minds don’t always have to think alike, but they probably all think in the shower. What is it about a soapy shower session that gets the intellectual juices flowing? Some people really come up with amazing ideas from their shower thoughts. As you wash away the dirt and grime of the day, you can finally focus on the big, cosmic questions that get pushed aside by everyday life.

Shower time is that precious moment of the day you get to yourself, to be totally alone. Shower thoughts are sometimes the best because they come when you’re relaxed. As you let the water cascade all over you, you tend to think more. But not about whose turn it is to take the bin out, or what to have for dinner – about other, more random and bizarre things. Showers are not only important for hygiene, they are also the place where we get our most introspective thinking done. Have you ever been at a loss of words when writing a school essay, then suddenly come up with the perfect introductory sentence while mindlessly letting the shower water gently wash over your forehead? Shower thoughts can be brilliant, and sometimes they can be silly, but they are important nonetheless. Showers are wonderful. They’re a time for singing, for cleaning up, for reflection.

But some people also use shower thoughts as a time for inquiry, to understand the world just a little bit more. And sometimes they uncover deep truths.
These are many people who have wisely used their time in the shower to interrogate the implications of the internal logic of Pixar films. The world’s greatest thoughts happen in the shower. Maybe it’s the steam or shampoo suds or smell of Irish Spring that triggers random bits of brilliance. Or maybe it’s the only place where technology and other people can’t distract you

Here are 13 of the weirdest and wonderful shower thoughts that people have come up with.

Some of them are downright weird – but all are true and incredibly funny.

1.Google self-driving car with “I’m feeling lucky button”
Just imagine if they drove you into that Mozart traffic jam to test your patience, and then drove you right to the gym to work out those anger issues.
You could get a few bucks back from the gym if they had that whole, “Super high fee in the beginning but we pay you back to come work out.”

shower thoughts

2. Early to bed, and early to rise.
Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise enough to know that this actually makes pretty good sense.

shower thoughts

3. “The word ‘Fat’ just looks like someone took a bite out of the first letter of the word ‘Eat’.”

shower thoughts


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