Girlfriends Asks For A Goodbye Kiss But Bites The Tongue Of The Guy After Breakup


Relationships are amazing and fun. Everyone gets something out of them and becomes a better person themselves. The one thing every relationship has too much of is a kiss, hug and lots and lots of love. Two people explore themselves for their better and become better halves of each other. Everything looks so fine, but there’s a sad part of most relationships as well, which is the breakup if it happens. Not, everything can last forever, right? Sometimes people aren’t comfortable with each other after a long time and hence they decide to go their separate ways for obvious reasons. It’s painful but as Thanos once said ‘The hardest choices require the strongest wills’ so people have to go through that. Recently, a girlfriend did something really crazy when her boyfriend broke up with him.

Check out below to know about this crazy girlfriend:

A man surnamed Liu and a woman Ms. Zhou were in a relationship.

The guy was 23-years-old and the woman also the same.

They were in a relationship for several years.

But, something might have gone wrong between them.

Liu (as media refers to him) was discussing a break up with his girlfriend.

And that’s when as the onlookers say, the girl asked the guy for a goodbye kiss.

And it was not just a goodbye kiss!


They both locked lips in public and that’s when Ms. Zhou didn’t leave her boyfriend and bit his tongue.

Liu was in pain but Zhou did not budge.


After this, someone from the crowd realized what was happening and called the authorities.

This incident happened in the street of Qianshan in Anhui Province.

The authorities asked her politely to stop biting and leave the kiss but she refused and continued her act.

The authorities were left with no choice.


So, they had to use pepper spray on her.

She was forced to let go of his tongue.

kissThat was apparently caught between her upper and lower sets of teeth.

Liu was bought to the hospital after this immediately.


The strategy worked and later on the hospital declared there aren’t any permanent injuries to his tongue and he’ll recover soon enough.

Her parents, later on, revealed she was mentally ill after she was scammed by an online shopping website.


She also had been treated for mental illness in the past in Hefei for five years and had fully recovered, said police officer Wu Changfeng in an interview.

Below is the video to this incident by an onlooker.


Now, learn next time that if your partner asks for a goodbye kiss after a breakup, you need to be aware!


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