Girls Whose Perfectly Normal Day Turned Into A Mean Joke!


Girls deal with a lot, I mean don’t get me wrong, but don’t you feel like the guys are blessed with a “no-drama” gene. Literally, except a few plastic exceptions, girls go through some real mess. Well, if you belong to the majority group whose perfectly normal day can turn into a mean joke in no time this post is definitely for you.

Feeling like this is a normal day so far? These girls did too until it turned into a mean joke!

1. So, her groom thought it would be absolutely splendid to carry her over the threshold in his arms, thank god this was after the ceremony!
mean joke

2. Oh well, if this isn’t me, honestly I’ve given up on so many skincare regimes owing to my impatience.
mean joke
3. That is actually a very cruel thing to do, you old lady, this is your daughter-in -law’s day.
mean joke
4. An accurate representation of me in front of my friends, that my friends are the United States Women’s Basketball team in front of Ecuador Women’s Basketball team, the score was 114-19.
mean joke
5. Okay, so this is apparently how I look after applying five layers of concealer.

6. Yup, had her message me out of blue asking me stuff about myself that I didn’t know even existed. Well, that was a fun time!

7. The 90’s kid knows that this was the perfect look to make any filmstar to fall in love with you.

8. Honestly, men are either really dumb or are serious players. Either way, I hate such people, don’t even seem to spare their mothers.

9. Never in my life have I ever looked pretty with a ponytail, I mean I don’t know if I’m broken or am I doing it wrong?

10. Trust me, if drunk you has never been so cautious about your lashes, you’ve never been that drunk.

11. When you go to a nail salon for the first time and you don’t know what color you should choose, so you go with “Yes.”


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