12 Greatest Transformers Quotes Of All Time. Calling All Optimus Fans!


Transformers is a movie which combines computer animation with live-action. Its quotes have left an impact on millions of people. Hasbro’s promotional campaign for the film included deals with hundreds of companies. Advertising included a viral marketing campaign, coordinated releases of prequel comic books, toys, and books, as well as product placement deals with GM, Burger King, and eBay.

Some quotes from the movie does live its impact on movie-lovers. Here’s a list of quotes from the Transformers’ movie franchise worth remembering:

1. Calling All Autobots

This one’s the most common and well-known quote of the movie.

Transformers Quotes


     2. The Last Knight

With the new installment of the movie, “The Last Knight” coming out soon, this quote may hold a significance to the upcoming movie.

Transformers Quote


    3.  Alien Gun

Funny scene where Mark Wahlberg asks his daughter to hand him over his alien gun.

Transformers Quotes



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