Guy Photoshop Himself With Celebrity Pictures And The Result Is Amusing!


We all dream of a certain life that we could live but not all are lucky enough to get that. But there’s a guy who knows how to live the life he dreams of not because he knows human at high places but because he has a great sense of humor. The guy can be seen in most of the celebrity pictures because he is a photoshop wizard. He creates hilarious celebrity pictures by using photoshop and can be seen with great politicians like Clinton and Barack Obama.

He photoshops himself with celebrities like Kate Perry and Kanye West to add his humor to the otherwise mundane and boring situations. Though most of the situations result pretty absurd but his incredible photoshop skill keeps you questioning.  He uploaded it on his Instagram page with captions like “Haters gonna say it’s photoshop”!

Check the celebrity pictures below with him alongside and appreciate his skills of photoshop and sense of humor!

photoshop celebrity picturesvia

photoshop celebrity picturesvia

photoshop celebrity picturesvia

photoshop celebrity picturesvia 


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