This Guy Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities And Merged Them With Their Younger Selves


Who would not want a good comparison photo to see how they looked earlier and how much they have changed as of now? What if it was really possible by the virtue of editing using photoshop? Well, let me pop the bubble for you and tell you that it is possible. This editor called Ard Gelinck has actually photoshopped pictures of celebrities and their younger selves in such a manner that it is not only amazing to see but also real enough to be believe. Here is a list of photos of celebrities and their younger selves:

Source : Then & Now, Ard Gelinck

1. Tom Hanks

celebrities with younger selves

Arguably, the best actor of his generation looks absolutely dashing even after so many years. His face has changed a little but nothing could alter the charming smile.

2. Matt Lebanc

celebrities with younger selves

He is still as good as he was earlier that is the best part about him.

3. Michelle Obama

celebrities with younger selves

This is the most perfect photo in this list of celebrities with their younger selves. The way this is edited is commendable.

4. Freddie Mercury

celebrities with younger selves

He looks the same and just the hairstyle has changed.

5. Richard Gere

celebrities with younger selves

Just like wine, Richard Gere gets better with age.

6. Harrison Ford

celebrities with younger selves

Dashing is the perfect adjective for this person, be it from the past or the present. The editing level required for putting these celebrities with their younger selves is high, as well.

7. Emma Watson

celebrities with younger selves

Emma has grown up to be even prettier. She is one of the very few people whose younger selves does not look as good as the present one.

8. David Bowie

celebrities with younger selves

Oh, what a change! This could very well be the best picture on the list.

9. Barack Obama

celebrities with younger selves

This is the cutest photo. Also, locate the details maintained by the editor.

10. Jennifer Aniston

celebrities with younger selves

Will she ever age? The most probable answer is “no”. I mean, just look at her. She is equally gorgeous and nothing has changed.


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