These Guys Have An Answer For Everything! #5 Is Simply Genius! 


Life is full of mystery, life is full of hardship. Sometimes you don’t have an answer for the complex task you have in front of you. Some guys give up but some really on and come up with solutions which are simply genius!

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1. Now That’s Simply Genius! This Is A Boon For All Antisocial People. 

Guys simply genius


A warm popping high five!

2. Bathroom Slippers For Sale: Price: Basically Nothing. A Bit Too Noisy, Soft? Not At All But It’s Completely Recycled Shit. 

Guys simply genius via

Some guys have an answer for everything!

3. Guys! That’s Three Plus A Bonus Life If You Know What I Mean. 

Guys simply genius via

Mario will get his princess eventually.

4. This Girl’s Curve Game Is Simply Genius! She Has The Guy Dancing On Her Fingertips. 

Guys simply genius via 

Yo phone trippin boi.


Guys simply genius via

I want to crack a cold one open with this guy.

6. Here We Have Another Girl Who Has Mastered The Art Of Curving All The Guys In The World. 

Guys simply genius via 

Damn! She’s a smooth operator.

7. You’re Literally Giving Your Identity Away. And She Has The Dog Filter Profile Picture As Well. 

Guys simply genius via

But hey! As long as she got her textbooks amirite?

8. Well Well Well. 

Guys simply genius via

Some guys just want to watch the whole damn world burn.

9. How Much For That Armoured Shoe? 

Guys simply genius via

Simply genius Lego hacks that will change your whole damn life!

10. Guys! What Do You Think Really Happened Here? Yes That’s Right! Homeboy Got A B Grade And He Turned It Into Brunch! 

Guys simply genius via

Gotta give it to him. This little hack is simply genius!

11. And That’s How You Eat Your Cookies Guys! 

Guys simply genius via 

Simple yet so effective.

12. Remember The Bottle Slipper Prototype? Turns Out Bottles Have Much More Usefulness Than That. 

Guys simply genius via

Meet the freaking water bottle boat. Oh yeah it floats!

13. You Have Terrible Balance With Two Wheelers? No Problem. Just Fit The Front Of Your Bicycle With A Shopping Cart And You’re All Set To Go! 

Guys simply genius via

Life hacks.

14. Ber You Weren’t Expecting That Miss Smithers. This Is For Failing Us In The Last Test. 

Guys simply genius via

That’s pretty evil.

15. What Do You Do When The Office Doesn’t Have A Fork But Many Stationery Items Are Lying Around? 

Guys simply genius via

Improvised. Adapt. Overcome.

16. Wow. Just Wow. You Guys Seriously Hate The Janitor Don’t You? 

Guys simply genius via

This is insane!


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