Guys Are Really Bad When It Comes To Taking Up Hints And These Are The Proofs!


Guys are really the worst when it comes to taking up hints. A girl can literally put him in the best situation possible yet he won’t be able to figure out what she’s talking about. These hilarious hints fail will make you ROFL!

Women share the hilarious moments when guys absolutely sucked at taking up hints!

1. Lesson 101, if a tells you about her breakup with a smile on her face it means that she’s interested in you. Kindly don’t feel sad for her breakup!

2. Whoa! That is the worst hint pickup fail ever! Dude, are you really this dumb?
3. Now, that’s what you call being a gentleman, or being really stupid enough to not pickup this hint. Works either way!
4. Sometimes you don’t realize things until they are way too late. He’s gonna regret that one.
5. When you are more concerned about the suit than getting laid.
6. Ah, well, people need their privacy, don’t they? Even if they miss out on the ridiculous easy invitations.

7. Some people are really hopeless cases when it comes to picking up hints, well, let’s hope he got better than this one at least.

8. Boyfriends really are that dumb when it’s time for them to get some action. I hope he got better!

9. The rule isn’t dumb, you, my friend, most certainly are dumb as being dumb goes.

10. Well, going to be really honest with this one, luck favored you that day, but really you sucked for real!

11. Thank God she dodged this bullet, what else should she have done to get the point inside your skull?

12. Well, at least he was a really sweet guy and got you a fire going so you could keep warm, the other part really did suck for real!


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