Guys Love These Totally Weird Things About Their Girlfriends!


Guys may not express how they feel very often, but that doesn’t mean that they are emotionless. They just don’t really think they should be expressing their emotions much. Well, can we blame them? That is what stereotypes for males are denoted as right? But we got these guys to admit the totally weird things that they absolutely love about their girlfriends!

These guys reveal about the totally weird things that they love about their girlfriends and we are shocked!

1. No get him wrong, he doesn’t want her to get sick, but he definitely loves the cuddles when she is sick.

2. Getting called by cute names by your girlfriend is definitely something that every guy wants, even if it is the princess.

3. Guys love to annoy or pretend to get annoyed when their girl teases them, but they secretly enjoy it.
4. Some boys would get really jealous and create a scene about it, but I guess he’s kind of proud of his girl.
5. Okay, just because you love seeing her cry over you, doesn’t mean you should always purposely try to put her in such situations.

6. Wet kisses may sound gross to others but for some people, it is really arousing!
7. When you’re in love even small words coming from her can make you smile.

8. The things we do for love, guys like these are definitely keepers and hate to see their girlfriend sad.
9. This is gross though, mind I guess this is what love turns you into, you don’t mind the things that tend to comfort her.

10. Why do boys have this fascination of seeing their girls mad at them? It gets so annoying.
11. I know boys have this kink, but doesn’t she become all sweaty and smelly?
totally weird things
12.If your girl doesn’t have girlfriends. You are sure to become one!
totally weird things13. Of course, though you might not say it out loud, who doesn’t love a silky smooth skin?
totally weird things14. Got foot fetish?
totally weird things15. Who would want to miss the imagination afterward!
totally weird things
16. Spoons are always appreciated when fast asleep.
totally weird things

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