These Guys Share They Most Brutal Rejections They Got From Girls!


What is your worst fear when on a date? Rejection. Yep, we’ve all been there, so we know it hurts. But you’ve never known rejections like these Men here. And let me tell you, these are by far the most brutal rejections there has ever been! Keep reading on to find out!

Here are 12 guys who share their most brutal rejections by a girl n Reddit!

1. And that’s why you shouldn’t take her friend along!

most brutal rejections


I was talking to a girl who was out with her friends. I guess I didn’t realize she wasn’t into it, one of her friends chimed in and was like “Why are you still talking to her? Look at her and look at yourself. Do you really think she’d be interested in you?” the girl I was talking with just laughed at how to mean her friend was being to me.

Good times.


2. I would love if somebody buys me a book!

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The most brutal rejections are the racist ones. By far the worst was at a bookstore once. I was there and saw this really cute girl browsing through a book that I’d read before (crap, don’t remember what it was). We’d made eye contact a couple of times earlier which I apparently totally misread. Earlier that day, I’d seen one of those popular images that go around, where a girl says “Just once I’d like a guy to offer to buy me a book instead of a drink.” So I thought I’d try it. I go up to her, say something like “That’s a fantastic book. You have very good taste. Mind if I buy you a book?” I don’t remember her exact response, but “fuck off” and “fucking chink” were both in it. Bitch.


3. So basically you were her food wallet?

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my “most brutal rejections” was in the sense that she was just using me. Met at work, hit it off, talked daily and would always go out together on lunch breaks. Little did i know she’d purposely “forget” her wallet. So basically I was used for food all the time. And anytime I’d ask her to go out on the weekend, she’d make up some bull shit excuse.

Took a little while to catch onto it.



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