15 Gym Myths Which Won’t Let You Achieve Your Dream Body Shape.


4. Swimming helps you lose weight faster.

Swimming helps you in many other ways but that doesn’t mean that it’ll help you looe some pounds way quickly. Besides all the efforts you put in, buoyancy does a wonderful job in supporting your body. Swimming helps you in toning muscles or increasing lung capacity but not the weight loss. Also, you tend to eat more after a tiring swimming session.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing.Via

5. Weight lifting is not meant for women.

Ladies this one’s for you all. Weight lifting won’t grow your muscles like men. However, if you’re on anabolic steroids, growth hormone or enhancing drugs, you may develop a muscular body. So, you can now try a hand at lifting weights without any wrong thoughts crossing your mind.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

6. Running causes damage to your knees. 

Running is simply not bad for your knees. In fact it is quite helpful for joints as it strengthens the muscles and helps in increasing bone density.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing.Via


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