15 Gym Myths Which Won’t Let You Achieve Your Dream Body Shape.


13. Eight glasses of water each day.

We all have been instructed to gulp in 8+ glasses of water daily even if we don’t feel like. Drink as much water as you need for clear urine. You can skip an extra glass of water if you aren’t thirsty.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

14. Machines are to be preferred over free weights.

Machines and equipment do have their own effects and advantages. But that doesn’t mean that they are to be chosen over free weights or natural equipment. ¬†Usage of machines is limited due to a factor of injuries and inexperience. On the other hand, free weights give you a better range of motion and strength training.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

15. Cardio. First or second?

It’s a common schedule to see people walk in gyms and directly get on to treadmills. Does that help in any of the ways? It is much better to strength train first and hit cardio later. Doing cardio decreases your glycogen level, thus preventing you from training hard. Weight training increases the level of cortisol and testosterone which helps you throughout the gyming session. This is probably one of the typical gym myths we have been observing.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

If you have been on the gym floor for a long time and no effective results are still visible, you probably need to go through all your schedule and pattern. Gym myths have the strong tendency to keep you far from your goal. Make sure that you are doing it the right way. After all, the right technique will yield the right results.


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