Happy Father’s Day! Thank-you Dad For Always Being There!


For appreciating our efforts each time.

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We cannot cook and definitely not like Mom. But there are times we do. And you know who is our favorite critic? You! For you never complain. It is only after we had taken a bite ourselves that we realized it was awful.

For those extra bucks.

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In a middle-class society, you learn to grow up with ‘pocket money’. But there were times when those monthly allowances fell short and there was no money for pizza! Lol. Mom would not give a single extra penny. But you seldom refused to. It was all about ” Learn to spend your money well” that came along with the crisp notes.

For those chats over coffee.

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Dads make the best coffee in the world. And those discussions and debates and random jokes we made over coffee were worth all our time.

For keeping our secrets safe.

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Growing up around a strict Mom is made easier when you have a savior in Dad. The punishments at school, the extra money spent on clothes and much more- Mom does not know about them yet. You kept our secrets safe.


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