Heartwarming Photos That Prove That Children Can’t Live Without Pets


‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ said some guy or a legend once and that’s 90% true just change dog with any pet or any animal that lives with you. All the animals can be your best friends when you love them enough and they love you back 3000. It’s not just a man pets are best friends with. The better friends all the animals are of are kids whom they love and care for like their own kids or own brothers. We have seen it from time to time how attached kids get to animals and vice versa like they are both your kids. If you have a child you should definitely get your kid one of those amazing pets that makes their lives amazing.

Below are some heartwarming photos that prove that children can’t live without pets.

Not the only good boy in the house now.


He’ll learn how this was a blessing.

Kids sleep with kittens like this most of the time.


Isn’t this amazing just to look at.

Happy dog, unhappy baby.


You’ll get along with him eventually, he loves you unconditionally kid.

All the kids in one place.


Trust me he isn’t sleeping on any puppy and with the puppies.

They both eat and play together.


And now they even watch cartoons together.

Growing up with your best friend.


“My boy Lucky was there for my first day of kindergarten and my senior portrait.”

Grew up with her favorite cat.

This ginger cat looks a lot like Garfield.

Human ride to the cat.


Our parents gave us horseback rides and this kid gives her little cat a ride on her back.

One dog for two kids.


This dog is so adorable, he looks like a walking cloud.

They sleep together so well.

The cat was missing, later found it with the baby.

All the dogs love him.


And he also loves them too much.

A dog as a father figure.


He could just take care of him and feed him, somewhat like Mowgli.

Both the kids smiling in the candid.


They started laughing for no reason and it was way too cute for this photo.


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