Heat Spares No One, And These Pictures Are Proof!


Every one of us is literally dying in this scorching heat. The temperatures are rising to the extremes, after surviving the bone cold, we are now facing bone-melting heat. Well, it isn’t just us who are having to spare the wrath of the heat, even non-living things are probably praying with all their atoms and molecules for the sun to have mercy!

You are not the only victims of heat, and these pictures are proof of it!

1. Somebody left these eggs out in Australia, would you look at that, should’ve picked them up when they were done!

2. Wow, the Arizona heat wave doesn’t spare the traffic lights too. Well, that is really sad.
3. The wrath of the sun is real, honestly, this shouldn’t be happening at all!
4. Looks like somebody has got a tattoo, unwanted one of course!
5. This was heat in Arizona does, if it can melt bricks walls, you can only imagine what it does to the people living there.
6. You know something is really wrong with the weather when you need oven mittens to hold the steering wheel of your car.
7. Yep, a pretty neat and gruesome sight of how powerful the sun can be.

8. Be extremely careful and take proper precautions before you decide to head off to a day road trip in Australia.

9. Ice-creams, definitely the first to fall victim to the torturing heat.

10. If the above pictures weren’t enough for you, take a look at what happens to the blindings in Las Vegas.

11. What you looking at hooman? I get hot flashes too, okay?

12. That has got to be one hell of a hat to protect yourself from the sun!

13. Aw, even dogs are melting too!

14. You think you’re gonna get rid of the hot weather, think of the electricity bill that you’ll end up with!

15. This is really melting my heart, these poor kittens!


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