Hidden Features Of Daily Use Things That Can Be Very Helpful


We often ignore some insignificant things that we notice in our day to day lives, without realizing that it might have at least some significance! The daily use things also have some exciting hidden features.

Let’s know what are those hidden features of our daily use things.

1. The soft drink cans

The extra hole on the lid of the soft drink can is used to host straws, so as to prevent the straw from popping out.

Hidden features of daily use things


2. 57 on Heinz ketchup

This hidden feature might make you go wtf! Ever noticed 57 written on the chest of Heinz ketchup bottle? When you press that 57, the ketchup comes out with ease.Hidden features of daily use things Via

3. Pen caps have little holes

The little hole on the pen cap is designed to avoid asphyxiation from the caps when swallowed. Such a tiny thing was made with ultimate precision, hidden feature accomplished!Hidden features of daily use things Via


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