Hilarious Comics By James Breakwell On His Everyday Life With Five Girls!


It is not easy being the only man in the house with absolutely nobody to support you. Being married and having a daughter as it makes your side a little weak when it comes to building a strong team, imagine having four! James Breakwell creates hilarious comics about his chaotic life with his wife and four girls where practically nobody listens to him. But, he is still the happiest man on earth and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

These hilarious comics by James Breakwell are for the dads out there who know the struggle of being the only man in the house!

1. Well, sometimes kids say things that can really hurt the adults at times, but you can’t really do anything about it!
James Breakwell

2. Well, if somebody is agreeing to have four children with the guy, she would definitely not change her mind when it comes to remarrying the person.
James Breakwell
3. If you want to know what it feels like to be on the lesser winning side, you’re sure to be lucky to have your wife.
James Breakwell
4. Hey, I’m gonna ask this once, is this something universal? Why can’t wives accept a simple compliment and in return say something nice as well.
James Breakwell
5. Well, like I was saying, not everybody is lucky enough to be a happy grown-up, kid, but you didn’t have to hurt him like that.

6. You may leave maths, but maths is never ever going to leave you, it can if you decide not to have kids.

7. Oops, forgot the count? Not a great thing to do when your wife is planning to go for an entire week.

8. The manager can always sort things out what the waiter (dad) can’t. Because nobody calls food cooked by her bad!

9. She has a valid point you know, kids make more mess than clean it up.

10. But sometimes, the crime is shared because nobody was supposed to finish mom’s hidden candy stash.



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