Hilarious Public Notices That Turn Any Boring Day Into A Fun Day!


Public notices are made to capture your attention and make you aware of something. Often these notices are strictly formal and have a monotonous tone to it. But, what if these notices were funny instead of being serious but would have the same impact? That would be indeed fun to watch.

These awkward yet hilarious public notices will undoubtedly turn your boring day into a fun one!

1. Hey, just because you can’t find your pet that doesn’t mean that the Chinese people have them.
public notices

2. You didn’t have to be so rude you know, but, then again, it’s true!
public notices
3. Yes, sir/madam, you definitely look super cute when you’re wearing that seat belt and not cracking your skull open in an accident.
public notices
4. That’s what I’m talking about, humans are really toxic for the animals, and finally, somebody acknowledged that.
public notices
5. In a parallel universe where you need to have kids to enter the pool.

6. Thank you so much for this information, but what should I do about the gills that I adapted specifically to breathe underwater now?

7. Anybody up for challenging the bull? I don’t think so!
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8. Starting smoking is super easy (maybe!) but leaving smoking is super hard (definitely).

9. People need to be such considerate, thanks, buddy!

10. Nope, not happening at all, if you want to proceed to do it be my guest.

11. So, do you still want to go littering around? Nope, I didn’t think so as well.
12. Experiences may teach you a lot, especially when you are being okay with welcoming bears in the inn. I hope the lessons going to stick around forever.

13.For all those who think that they will stop the ride if your crying, then you might want to think a good couple of times before you decide to go on this ride.

14. You never know when you gotta be famous, so, in case if you’re famous you can break and have fun!


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