12 Hilarious Texting Rules That You Just Can’t AVOID! Make Sure You Know Them!


Texting, this is the easiest but at the same time most difficult form of communication. Why do I say this? Because one mistake, and you’re done. Yep, it is actually that big a deal. But nobody really thinks much about it when we are talking to our class buddy or a working fellow. But it matters, it really does when you are talking to your “crush”. You just can’t risk making mistakes. So, to ease things up, and help you have a good time, I’ve something for you. In this article, I’ve enlisted 12 golden (okay, not so golden) hilarious texting rules that you just can’t avoid! Read on to find out!

Here are 12 Hilarious texting rules that you just can’t avoid!

1. Keep it short.

hilarious texting rules

This is your “numero uno” when it comes down to texting my friend. Of course, there is no word limit. But people, no one here is up for reading your text novels. So keep it short, I mean not like small talk like short, cause that too is irritating. Nor does it mean that you will type a single word in each text and keep filling up their notifications. Just stick to the point instead of turning it into a history lesson!

2. Don’t freak out if you didn’t get a reply.

hilarious texting rules

Okay, I agree that this is annoying when talking with someone special. But guys, we are all humans, we all have works to do. Nobody (except people like us!) actually has nothing to do but wait helplessly for a reply. So If he/she is taking very long (which might seem very very long) don’t lose hope. And don’t get frustrated, leave them for sometime, they eventually will if they are interested in talking to you.

3. Don’t take the “I’ll not respond” revenge. Always reply.

hilarious texting rules

If the other person is not replying fast enough, that doesn’t mean that you too purposely choose not to reply fast enough. If you want to talk to him, then respond like you would normally do. But if he’s annoying, not replying is probably best. 


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