18 Hilarious Tweets About Thanksgivings That You Must Read


Thanksgivings are not that easy to survive. We all have experienced it in our life. And if someone hasn’t then F.r.i.e.n.d.s have taught us very well, that thanksgiving sometimes can be hilariously surprising. Any discussion about politics, career, past life can turn into debating. Trust me, it’s more fun to read the tweets which people post after or before thanksgivings.

Hence, be ready to read some Hilarious tweets on Thanksgivings which will make you laugh.


A Disney Thanksgiving.

Hilarious Tweets about Thanksgivings


It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us!” –Charlie Brown

Hilarious Tweets about Thanksgivings


RT if this is SO you today!  

Hilarious Tweets about Thanksgivings


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