15 Hilariously Awkward Wedding Gifts Couples Were Not Happy To Receive


The allure of opening gifts is next thing you look forward to after your wedding, after you-know-what *wink wink* But that bubble of excitement  rather cruelly bursts when we see the awkward weddings gifts given, seriously what do people think when they decide to give such hilariously awkward wedding gifts scarring the newlyweds forever.

Want to know the most awkward wedding gifts couples were not happy to receive? Let’s go!


1. What were the people thinking when they thought of gifting this? Awkward wedding gifts on a roll

awkward wedding gifts

2. Like they were cooking food and had a split second to decide what to give. Oh! We’re done cooking food, let’s give this skilletawkward wedding gifts

3. Try to find solace in the fact that she gave you something different, nothing else can be doneawkward wedding gifts


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