Historic Photos of World Leaders That Show How They Looked Before Fame


We all are born as kids and have different paths we followed over the times and chose different careers that led us to where we are. Some are engineers, some are doctors and some archaeologists and what not. But, in the end, we are all the same people or at least used to be. With the same childhood, and the same common lives of the age. Some celebrities might be privileged enough to get better lives than us when they were kids. But, some of the world leaders we know definitely had to struggle through their lives to be where they are now. Shaping the future of the world with their vision, they were the same common people like us before they were successful leaders.

Below are some historic photos of famous world leaders that show how they looked before fame:

John F. Kennedy, 10 years old.


The 35th United States of America president who was assassinated while he was in the office in 1963 was an ordinary kid at the beginning.

Barak Obama in 1992.

The current Ex-President of the United States of America studied at Harvard as we all know, this looks like as a person who just wants to enjoy his life ahead.

Theodore Roosevelt, 1870.

26th President of USA was also commonly known as Teddy Roosevelt and a surprising fact about him is, he’s the person who started the concept of Teddy Bears.

Nelson Mandela, 19.

The South-African revolutionist was also the President of the nation from 1994 to 1999 and bought democracy in his country.

Adolf Hitler as a child, 1889-1890.


He was an exceptional leader who succeeded in his vision, however evil it might be. Even he was a cute kid back then, that’s surprising.

Margaret Thatcher, 13.

Margret lived for around 90 years and was the Prime Minister of UK from 1979 to 1990.

Joseph Stalin, 1902.

The Georgian revolutionary and Soviet politician who started the Communist Party was truly handsome.

Saddam Hussein, 1965.


The violent person who’s also known as ‘The Butcher of Bhagdad’ was the President of Iraq from 1979 until 2003. Until democracy was really established in the country.

Mahatma Gandhi, 21.

The man who made India free from the Britishers rule of almost two centuries turns out was a normal kid who didn’t know the great future that lied ahead.

Donald Trump, 1964.


The current president of the United States, who suffers backlash for his words on a daily basis was part of the New York Military Academy in his young days.

Gerald R. Ford, 1918.

38th United States President even has two aircraft carriers in his name which is fantastic for the playful kid he was.

George W. Bush, 1953.


George is seen playing in the front yard of his family home and enjoying his childhood.

Hillary Clinton, 1958.


A very successful politician and runner-up to the presidential elections of United States. She is also the wife of Bill Clinton and has been married to the ex-President since 1975.


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