Find Out Which Hollywood Actresses Have Same Age as You


We all have a crush on atleast one actress, but have you ever wondered which famous Hollywood actresses are the same age as you? It can be hard to tell, thanks to makeup and lavish lifestyle, but you don’t need to do research on wiki as we have found actresses aged 15 to 65 (as of oct 25). Within each age group there are pretty famous actresses whom we all have seen in movies/TV shows.

Below we are listing famous hollywood actresses aged 15 to 65, i’m happy to see that my favorite actress /crush is of my age:)

1. Rowan Blanchard, 15 years old 

age of the Hollywood actressesvia

2. Kalani Hilliker, 16 years old

age of actressvia

3. Joey King, 17 years old

 age of actressvia

4. Peyton List, 18 years old


5. Maisie Williams, 19 years old

actress agevia

6. Sophie Turner, 20 years old

age of actress

7. Danielle Campbell, 21 years old

age of actressvia

8. AnnaSophia Robb, 22 years old

age of actress via

9. Sofia Carson, 23 years old

actress agevia

10. Shailene Woodley, 24 years old



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