Honest Sketches That Reveals What Women Do When No One Watches Them


Well, most women are impulsive! You can’t predict what they will do in the next 30 minutes. All you can do is a wonder that what she is thinking and what’s on their mind. So, if you are one of those guys who think they know everything about women. Well, in the next 1 minutes, I will prove all of you wrong. So, let’s continue-

1. Junk Food For Life


Whenever women go, they always pretend to eat less food or eat in a ladylike manner. But as you can see in the image, they eat everything whenever they are alone.

2. Girl Squad Rocks


Most boys like to roam here and there whenever they have time. Even I do the same in my free time like roaming with my friends. However, that’s not the case with girls. They hang out call their girl squad in their free time.

3. Sleep As No One Cares


Whenever women go outside, they wear so many clothes. So, as they return home, all they want is have a carefree sleep like it is the end of the world. You can see in this pic, how women sleep when they are alone.

4. Plaything



If you are a woman, then you might have remembered how they used to play games like house and house or any other girly kinds of stuff. However, all these childhood plays have become quite dull for them.

5. Checking Out



Every woman knows, when no one is watching you, how you can catch someone’s attention by checking them out.

6. Girly Tales


In the alone time, a woman knows how to pamper themselves even if they don’t have their girl squad with them.

7. Wrapped Up


Look how along with cuddling, women love to cover themselves up using all types of clothing in winter.

8. When You Are Home Alone


You might have always wondered what women do when they are all alone in their house? Well, all they want is to spend some time in a piece out of their hectic lifestyle.

9. They Know How to Make Time


If you think that every woman loves to watch tv or sometimes social media in their free time, well, then you are wrong. In reality, they love to read books.

10. Sitting Wherever They Want


This image shows how women sit when no one is watching them. Instead of sitting politely, they sit in a way that is comfortable for them without worrying about others.



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