10 Dumbest Decisions In The History Of Horror Movies


We love a good horror movie, that rush of adrenaline; the goosebumps are all worth it, though the characters in horror movies are particularly dumb. BAD DECISIONS! That’s what makes up horror movies. I know it is needed to further the storyline but still!

Here are 10 of the dumbest decisions made in horror movies:

  1. Insulting the evil entity

Really, I mean the over-confident character is the first to shit his pants if the ghost so much as whispers in his ear. But no, almost always he is the first to die because he pissed off the demonic spirit with his taunts. Paranormal Activity’s Micah is the idiot who starts the chain of events. Just because of his dumb ego and arrogant ways, insults the demonic spirit.

dumbest decisions made in horror movies
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  1. Let’s Go back

Why, why would you back to the place you escaped from the clutches death! As we see in Alien (1979), where this very lunatic move of going back to retrieve the cat is the smack in the face of survival instincts.


dumbest decisions made in horror movies
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  1. Let’s split up

When has that ever worked? Why doesn’t the simple logic that being in a group increases your chances of survival and decreases the chances of you all being picked one at a time, enter their thick skulls. In The Searchers, the husband leaves his wife defenseless to go hunt down the danger.  But when there is no one to watch your back, the hunter becomes the hunted.

dumbest decisions made in horror movies
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