10 Dumbest Decisions In The History Of Horror Movies

  1. Running into the woods

The most horrible decision the characters make, to hide from the demon-y creature, is to run in the woods. I mean, come on! It is almost always night time at these moments, your navigating abilities are below zero and the killer has, well, killer instincts. Nothing can go wrong, huh, optimistic much?

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  1. Let’s look back at the creepy monster

They’re being chased up by the big baddie, keep running dumbass. No need to stop and check out the creepy terrifying monster. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Helen would have lived if she had not stopped to look behind her.

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These decisions are those which make us want to rip our hair in frustration, to go and scream in the characters’ ears that it’s the worst decision ever!


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