Hottest Sports Referees That’ll Melt Your Heart Right Away!


Who said that you got to be really tough and masculine in appearance to excel in sports? Well, that ain’t true. You can look really delicate in your appearance and beat some of the masculine guys in their own field. Don’t believe me? Well, then have a look at these hottest sports referees!

These beautiful sports referees will melt your heart right away!

1. Proletina Velichkova.

The Snooker referee from Russia became renowned from her debut Tournament in 2012 during the Bulgaria open. She is known to be the most active snooker referee right now.

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2. Aurelie Sara Bollier.


This beautiful lady is a football referee in Switzerland. Surprised much? Well, don’t be she is truly a full-time referee in Switzerland.

3. Desislava Bozhilova.


This lady from Bulgaria is a snooker referee and is as good as one can get. The 25-year-old has attracted a lot of fans for her good look and is currently appearing in a lot of snooker games as an official.

4. Maira Americano.


You’re probably thinking of her to be one the supermodels? But, she is an Italian football referee. She is currently working as a line judge.

5. Josefin Dahlback.


One of the most beautiful referees, Josefin is a tennis referee from Denmark. Her social media fan following increased after she appeared as a line judge in the Tennis matches held in Denmark.

6. Elena Tambini.


Elena Tambini started off as a model from Brazil but soon she was attracted towards sports and wanted to have a career in it. She is currently working as a football referee in Italy.

7. Lauren Holtkamp.


After completing her 5-year tenure session at the NBA Development League Sessions, she is now a full-time referee at NBA.

8. Brigitte Tyler.


She became the first female Rugby Referee who is now a part of the New Zealand rugby League Match officials team. Tyler also became the first woman to hold a job in the HBSC World Men’s sever series to match.

9. Fernanda Colombo Uliana.


One of the most searched personalities in Brazil, Fernanda is a Brazilian Football referee. She works as the Assistant referee is mostly seen on the sidelines.

10. Sarah Thomas.

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She became the first football referee to have become a full-time official for the NFL in 2015, she was also the first female to officiate a major college bowl game.

11. Claudia Romani.

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The Italian Supermodel who has worked for many publications including GQ and Maxim during her career decided to make a career-changing move in 2014 and became a football referee.

12. Maia Chaka.

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She became the first black female official in NFL when she was a back judge during a preseason match between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots in 2014.

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