Humans Once Believed These Animals Existed, #4 Will Crack You Up!!!!


We humans have the supernatural power of imagining things. After all, we’re probably the only creative creatures on the globe. I recently was sitting with my 8-year-old younger brother and he was busy drawing a rabbit with giant horns in his drawing book. It’s not bad to imagine animals that don’t exist but assuming your imagination to be real and publicizing it as an existing thing is wrong. Today we would be talking about a few animals which we humans believed existed. All thanks to our vivid imagination. Let’s update our knowledge.
#1 Unicorn

animals humans believed existed

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Not only does the unicorn make an appearance in the Bible, but it also does appear in the medieval text and a number of other places.The existence of the unicorns was also believed by the Roman historians. Though these stories are super incredible, never ever did an animal like a unicorn existed.

#2 Bonnacon

animals humans believed existed
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Though it is tough to believe, but at a point, many people believed in the existence of Bonnacon. It is said that this bull like creature had the body of a bull, mane of a horse, and used to use poop as a weapon.

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#3 Vegetable Lamb

animals humans believed existed
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The story of vegetable lamb came into existence in the middle age. It is said that this creature vanished as they ended up growing like a plant. Isn’t it very tough to believe? 


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