Most Hyped Myth About Breast Cancer! #5 Is Surprising!.


Breast cancer is the evilest thing today that almost all women are threatened with.There is various hyped myth about breast cancer that needs to be cleared. It severely affects the health and life of the victim. It sometimes results in the death of the victims too.

It is not something that has been introduced recently; maybe our ancestors have suffered from it too. People in the old days didn’t know about it and so they didn’t even get a chance to fight it. They were unaware of the fact that it can be such a deadly disease. Today we know what it is and how can we treat if. We know what precautions we should take and to check the symptoms from time to time.

Even after spreading so much knowledge and organizing campaigns, people are still not completely aware of it. They are still uneducated about the prevention and cure of the deadly disease.

Below we have listed some of the most hyped myth about breast cancer among people. So let us all pledge to share it more and more and educate people about it.

1. Myth: A lump in the breast is the sole indicator of this disease.

hyped myth breast cancer

hyped myth breast cancervia

Reality: No! It’s not true. There are many more symptoms that indicate breast cancer and not only a lump in the breast. The other symptoms may include the discharge of another thing than milk from the nipple, Dimpling or irritation of the skin, shrinking of the nipple in the inward direction, pain in the nipple or the entire breast, redness on the breast, the skin changing of the breast.

2. Myth: The breast size matters to the disease.

Hyped myth breast cancer Hyped myth breast cancervia
Reality: There is absolutely no connection between the breast cancer and the size of your breasts. Women with bigger breasts are equally prone to the disease as the women with smaller breasts.Myth: A women with a family history of breast cancer is only prone to it.

3. Myth: A women with a family history of breast cancer is only prone to it.

Hyped myth breast cancervia
Reality: 70% women who have breast cancer don’t have any family history of the disease. But if your first-degree relative likes your parent, child or sibling have or had breast cancer, the chances of you having it gets more. If you have two first-degree relatives with the disease the chances of you having are even higher. 


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