Most Hyped Myth About Breast Cancer! #5 Is Surprising!.


4. Myth: Your body weight is not responsible for it.
Hyped myth breast cancer


Reality: If you are an obese or overweight the risk of getting breast cancer is higher for you. If you are in menopause or have gained weight the chances increase.

5. Myth: Men cannot have it.

Hyped myth breast cancer Hyped myth breast cancervia

Reality: Men think that they don’t have breast so they are not prone to breast cancer! But the fact is that both the women and men have breast tissue. Men have it at a lower level than women so they don’t have breast but they have an equal chance of getting cancer.

6. Myth: Wearing underwire bra causes cancer.

Hyped myth breast cancerReality: It is always believed that wearing an underwire bra compresses the lymph in breasts. The compression causes the accumulation of the harmful toxins that are a cause of breast cancer. This is totally useless as a bra can’t protect you from the disease neither can it push you towards it.


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