Idalia Candelas- A Mexican Illustrator Shows How Amazing Living Alone Is!


Idalia Candelas is a Mexican illustrator creates pictures and depicts the reality how amazing can living alone be. Idalia Candelas shows how you can enjoy the simple pleasure of life living alone. With her illustrations, Idalia Candelas demonstrate the difference between “living alone” and “being alone”. We always feel sorry for the people who live alone or by themselves but does that mean they are all alone and unhappy? This Mexican illustrator is an amazing artist and has managed to gain a lot of attention from people all around. She has more than 42k followers on her Instagram and is loved for her work.

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We are here to show you the Mexican illustrator Idalia Candela’s work on how fantastic it can be to live all by yourself!

1.You can sleep in anything you want without worrying about changing it in the morning and obviously wake up whenever you feel like. 

Idalia Candelas- A Mexican Illustrator shows living alone

2.You can hang out on the bed for as long as you like. Toss and turn and roll, the whole bed is yours

Idalia Candelas- A Mexican Illustrator shows living alone

3.You can just lie down the way you like and read your favorite book. Nobody would be there to judge you

Idalia Candelas- A Mexican Illustrator shows living alone 


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