If Superheroes Looked And Acted Like Little Kids, This Is How They Would’ve Looked!


Superheroes have always been somebody we looked up to, even as kids, especially as kids we wanted to be like them. But, sadly we only saw them as really big adults saving the worlds, too bad kids couldn’t connect themselves as kids. So, somebody made our dream come true and portrayed in his comics the superheroes as kids. And guess who shared it on Facebook? The man himself, Stan Lee!

Brazilian artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento aka Dragonarte shared his works on Instagram and made our dream come true of seeing superheroes as kids!

1. That is the ideal snack for our favorite Superheroes, eat up kids, you need your strength to fight.superheroes as kids

2. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get you home to your mum in no time, just hold on tight princess!
superheroes as kids3. Aww, finally Loki and Thor having fun together, they look really cute together, don’t they?
superheroes as kids4. We have all had to face this horrifying situation as kids, looks like our superheroes feel the pain too!
5. Uh-Oh superman, you were supposed to blow so hard, they were only birthday candles.
6. So what if you can’t really fly on your own, I’ll help you there, that’s what friends are for!
7. On a dark night, under the full moon, the baby Batman was delivered by a bat, no not a stork you idiots!

8. I was actually hoping there was going to be a baby Johnny Blaze aka the Rider!
superheroes as kids9. Well, here we go again, go easy superman, you’re gonna hurt the Bat-kid!

superheroes as kids10. Another day, another snack time ahead.
11. Two little kids coming to fulfill their superhero journeys!
12. Faster, Faster, Faster, jumping the rope never really scared anyone this bad before!
13. This, a true Marvel fan will definitely cherish this one. Civil War, people!
14. A crossover nobody asked for, Prince Thundera, people!

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