If You Love Dark Humor These Comics Are Just For You!


The world is getting crazy by the minute, people aren’t really that happy anymore and even it seems like they are, it may be so that they’re only pretending. So, to release a bit of the never-ending rush and tension, people really find an escape in dark humor. Not saying that everybody necessarily loves dark humor. But, this surely shows the dark reality in a really subtle way. Well, if you belong to the population who actually love dark humor, this one is surely for you.

These Comics By Mr. Lovenstein Are For Those Who Love Dark Humor!

1.  Life can be pretty confusing at times but don’t worry folks, there’s always alcohol to get you out of your dilemma.

2. Oh, well, be really careful what you actually wish for, because you really may not like the absolutely unfiltered version of the truth.

3. Well, technically the cookie was the one from whom she received the proposal, and besides it at least can calm her hunger pangs down.

4. This is what happens when you literally suck at making friends, well, you can have me as your friend if you want.

5. Confidence is the key here, let them know you’re up for every challenge that comes your way.

6. What doesn’t kills you only makes you stronger, make the delicate ones bow in front of you.

7. That is an exact representation of what my “life” is doing to me right now. Can’t really explain how much I hate life right now!

8. Yep, yep, I take one step out, andddd there are wolves and snakes all around. So, no thank you, I’m happy in my comfort zone with zero friends.

9. Now, that is how you should b, beautiful as you are and reallyt proud of it!

10. Uh-Oh, even I wasn’t ready was this revelation.
love dark humor
11. Love for pizza with melted cheese is definitely worth it. Even if it is in the form of excruciating punishment.
love dark humor
12. You should always listen to your dad because he kind of knows what your capabilities are!
love dark humor
13. An acute representation of how the people that we find the least likely to hurt us are the ones who end up killing us.
love dark humor
14. Sometimes strangers feel more comfortable than the people you know.
love dark humor
15. Don’t you just absolutely hate it when people don’t get you!
love dark humor


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