If You Truly Value Something It Will Last Forever!


Things last, only if you know how to properly value them. This generation doesn’t seem to have the patience to build up a long lasting foundation of a relationship. They’re always in a hurry to finish off something if they get bored. But, effort and patience are the keys to make something that you truly value last forever.

These sweet couples are proving that when you truly value something you can make it last forever!

1.  No memory spent together is just a mere memory when you really love and cherish somebody.
truly love

2. This couple from the Woodstock photo still look the same when you talk about love. Love is a powerful emotion indeed.

truly value
3. 50 years may seem like a long time, but with the love of your life, it isn’t enough at all.
truly value
4. Who so ever said distance seems to widen the gap in a relationship surely never met these two.
truly value
5. Same couple, same car, same place, 50 years later. Remarkable isn’t it?
truly value
6. The smile on their face is proof of how love can last forever if you’re willing to put your efforts constantly.
truly value
7. Love that isn’t measured in how much days you’ve been together or old you’ve become is something that makes me believe in this feeling.

8. 75 years! Whoa, that is definitely a milestone and extremely overwhelming.

9. Same bike, the same journey, but the only thing that has changed is their appearance.

10. Very few people are lucky enough to say the same vows with the one you love.

11. Who would’ve thought that the same Stanley Cup would prove to be the greatest token of love.

12. They both looked breathtaking in their youth, surely a match made in heaven.

13. Forehead kisses are the best, no matter how old one gets.

14. Off to their honeymoon place again!

15. 78 years of togetherness.


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