If You’re Thinking Of Getting Couple Tattoos Then These Should Be On Your List!


These days tattoos mean a great deal to someone. Getting permanently inked with someone’s name or something that connects you and your partner is definitely a sweet gesture. But, which tattoo should you choose? Definitely, something that will not only be a mere tattoo but add more meaning to your relationship. These couple tattoos have such a deep meaning to them that you should definitely get one of these done right away!

These couple tattoos can make time stand still with their simple yet meaningful portrayal!

1. Be the bow to my arrow. This is such a sweet notion!

2. Aww, this has to be one of the sweetest pictures ever!couple tattoos


3. I can’t really figure out what this is but to me it kind of looks like a compass.

4. Fantasy world you say? Well, why the hell not!

5. Definitely partners, in health and sickness and yes, of course, the hard times as well!

6. This is really sweet. I guess that’s what it feel likes when two people are in love!

7. Haha! The perfect missing piece. This is one of my favorite tattoos so far.

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8. Only you have the key to unlock my heart and I hope it stays with you forever.

9. Creativity with a little romance has got to be the best combination ever!

10. Who needs a ring when you can just have a tattoo instead! Nice way to show your love in a less fancy way.

11. Little but cute as hell!

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12. No matter whether we are close or far apart we’ll always stay connected to each other no matter what.

13. Definitely a Star Wars couple! Game on!

14. Vegan much? Well, everybody has their own way of connecting to each other!

15. I’ll be your spaceship if you be my alien? I know, not funny. But still.

16. Neither can take flight without the other. A really nice way of showing that one is incomplete without the other.

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17. “I don’t know why or how, but your Angel seems to calm my demons down.”

18. A King is nothing without her Queen and vice versa.

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