Images With Wrong Mirror Placements That Will Make You Go LOL!


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all? Mirrors tell you a lot, and wrong mirror placements say it hilariously 😀

Be it the school restrooms or those in big shopping complexes, you will always find more people in front of the mirrors (obviously capturing their ‘hangouts’) than inside the toilets!

And that is what most people do indoors as well.

Here are 15 wrong mirror placements that will make you think twice before taking a mirror selfie!

1. When you don’t have bae but you have already told everyone 3567 times that you have one.

Wrong mirror placements


2. Or when you have a bae but you haven’t told him that you have another one.


3. This is definitely gonna start his day and make it memorable for a lifetime!

Image result for mirror selfie fails



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