Incredible Facts About Female Body That You Never Knew


You all might be aware of the endurance level of women and how they endure labour pains during their pregnancy, mysterious ability to remember all the small details. You can’t ignore the fact that a female body can surprise you at any point in time.

As a starter, let me ask you a question, did you know that the body of a woman is much more durable over time than a man’s? I know you don’t and if you are curious to know similar facts about a female body then I recommend you continue reading-

1. Women are wired differently.


As per the study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, to complete their given tasks, women use both sides of their brain whereas men have a habit of using their left side of their mind.

2. Women get drunk quicker


To break down alcohol in a human body, it needs to have an enzyme in your stomach that is known as alcohol dehydrogenase. So, as compared to men, the stomach lining of women produces less of this enzyme which results in getting drunk quickly.

3. Getting Pregnant


It can take up to 5-8 days for women to get pregnant after having sex. In fact, some studies show that the sperm can live for 5-8 days in cervical mucus before the fertilisation of the egg.

4. Women outlive men


Most women seem to survive longer than men at every age possible.

5. Craving for Inedible things.


During the time of pregnancy, a woman craves for food that has no nutritional value.  It happens because of Pica, a well-known eating disorder.

6. Sensitive Skins


The skin of a woman is two times more sensitive than the surface of a man.

7. Long-Term Stress


If you are a woman and reading this article, then make sure that you don’t deal with long-term stress. It may lead to a higher risk of developing Alzheimer and dementia.

8. Women see things differently


As compared to women, most men require a slightly longer wavelength to experience the same hue.

9. Women have different brains than men


Some part of a women’s brain is bigger than males. So, as a result, they are better at multitasking.

10. Flexible Muscles


As compared to men, women are much more flexible. In case, you are wondering how it is possible. Well, the muscles of a Female contain more elastin than a male. Besides, this is one of the main reason; you don’t see men doing gymnastics





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